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Live Online Masterclasses

Implementing a Successful Industry 4.0 Roadmap: Strategies for a Sustainable Digital Transformation

Join this course and learn how to plan, execute and sustain an effective Industry 4.0 transformation, giving your company the edge to succeed in an increasingly competitive and agile manufacturing environment. Through a series of highly practical case studies and interactive peer-group exercises, Masterclass Tutor Rainer Müller will equip you with the tools and strategies to drive your digital transformation forward.

Masterclass led by Rainer Muller
2 March 2021 (half day)
3 March 2021 (half day)
4 March 2021 (half day)

6 Key Benefits of Attending: Implementing a Successful Industry 4.0 Roadmap

Assess where your company is today on its Industry 4.0 digital transformation compared to industry benchmarks and conduct a guided digital benchmark rating
Discover the top reasons for an Industry 4.0 transformation to fail and how to avoid them
Understand which areas to prioritise and focus on in your digital transformation and which areas to avoid
Develop your own Industry 4.0 vision, strategy and scalable implementation roadmap tailored to your company’s specific needs and resources
Secure effective leadership buy-in and alignment for your Industry 4.0 implementation and communicate the prospective changes to all levels of your business
Identify the organisational structure, company culture, workforce engagement and development elements that are essential for a sustainable digital transformation

Digital Manufacturing in the Factory of the Future: Advanced Technologies for Smart and Agile Enterprises

Discover how smart manufacturing technology can be applied within your enterprise to improve performance, quality and productivity. In this course led by Dr. Erwin Rauch, you will explore new opportunities for business growth through digital manufacturing and learn how to prepare your company for the game-changing potential of Industry 4.0 and the Factory of the Future.​

Masterclass led by Dr. Erwin Rauch
23 March 2021 (half day)
24 March 2021 (half day)
25 March 2021 (half day)

6 Key Benefits of Attending: Digital Manufacturing in the Factory of the Future

Identify the strategic opportunities and challenges that Industry 4.0 presents for your company and the benefits of Flexible Automation and Smart Manufacturing technology
Discover how Digital Twins and Digital Factory Planning can be used to optimise your manufacturing, engineering and design environments
Explore the benefits of Simulation in Digital Manufacturing and optimal industrial uses of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality
Understand the critical aspects of Data and IT/OT Integration, Connectivity and Interoperability when implementing new Industry 4.0 technologies
Unlock the enormous potential of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Manufacturing and Advanced Data Analytics to transform your manufacturing performance and agility
Find out how Collaborative and Autonomous Robotics and Perception Technologies can be applied to increase productivity across your manufacturing operations

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