Posted May 4th, 2022 By SMN Posted in Articles

A recent whitepaper published by the World Manufacturing Foundation – ‘A.I. as an enabler for long-term resilience in manufacturing’ – provides some useful recommendations for the adoption of A.I. in factories to increase resilience in cognitive manufacturing.

The Global Focus Group, led by Dr. Erwin Rauch, which produced the whitepaper have identified eight fundamental challenges that need to be overcome to significantly increase the long-term resilience of manufacturing companies. The whitepaper goes on to suggest some key recommendations for AI in the areas of product design, planning and scheduling, manufacturing, factory maintenance, big data and cybersecurity, while also considering some ethical aspects.

The study concludes with some interesting examples from industry of where AI is already being successfully adopted to increase resilience, quality and efficiency in manufacturing.

Click here to download and read the full whitepaper:

A.I. as an Enabler for Long-Term Resilience in Manufacturing