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In 2019 The World Economic Forum, in collaboration with McKinsey & Company, added a further 28 manufacturing facilities to their Global Lighthouse Network. These Lighthouses have successfully implemented Industry 4.0 technologies at scale across their manufacturing sites, and in some cases have extended this transformation through their end-to end value chains with significant performance improvements.

In their White Paper ‘Global Lighthouse Network: Insights from the Forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ they found that whilst some firms are making good progress in their Industry 4.0 transformations, over 70% are falling behind and finding it difficult to move beyond the pilot project stage and realise the full potential of advanced manufacturing technology.

These Lighthouses have invested in training and workforce development in tandem with the technology itself, ensuring the right organisational structure, skills and capabilities are in place to underpin their successful transformations.

Click here to read and download the White Paper:

World Economic Forum – Global Lighthouse Network Whitepaper